Here's a hint: LOTS.
Every Coresound purchase, whether a single song, part of a bundle, or part of the Unlimited Plan, comes with all of the following:

  • Full version of song (length varies per song)
  • 60 and 30 second cuts for short-clip videos, ads, and more
  • 2-3 additional loops (roughly 8-16 bars long) for infinite repeating
  • High-quality, 48k 24-bit WAV audio files. The video industry standard.
  • A uniquely generated Universal License for your purchase
  • Some songs come with even more versions that the song creator included at no extra charge.

The average package of what comes with a single song license is valued at $249. And our low price for every song in our catalog, including everything on the list above, is only $99! Save big and outfit your videos with Coresound today!
One of the best things about Coresound Music is that, after you factor in the value of a Universal License, you wind up paying much less than the competitors.

The cost of a license needed for an average-sized video project at an average-sized church across several of our competitors:

  • Coresound Music - $99 (Universal License)
  • Premium Beat - $199 (Premium License)
  • Marmoset Music - $119 (Non Profit License, Small Staff Size)
  • Marmoset Music - $299 (Non Profit License, Medium Staff Size)
  • The Music Bed - $199 (Non Profit, 11-50 Staff Size, Internal Use Only)
  • The Music Bed - $299 (Non Profit, 11-50 Staff Size, Internal Use + Web/Streaming)

So as you can see, the different licenses can add up fast. The value you get with our Universal License is that you are covered every time, without question.